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Laser Frenectomy: What is orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT)?

Jul 8 • 2 minute read

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Hello! This month we are focused on airway obstruction and how a laser frenectomy can help. We have been helping infants to breastfeed, children with bedwetting, and adults with sleep apnea. Let us know if you would like to know more about how a simple procedure may be able to improve your life.
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Adult Lip and Tongue Ties...
What is a lip tie?
A lip tie is a band of thick tissue that connects the underside of the lip to the gums and restricts the normal movements of the lip.
What is tongue tie?
Tongue tie is a band of thick tissue that connects the bottom of the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth and restricts the normal movement of the tongue.
What are some of the problems may be caused by tongue and/lip ties?
1.Airway obstruction which can mean snoring and sleep apnea. . .

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy before and after Laser Frenectomy

What is orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT)?
Orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT) is a program of specific exercises that target the facial muscles for chewing and swallowing. These exercises help to strengthen the tongue muscles after the frenectomy procedure.
Why is orofacial myofunctional therapy necessary before & after laser frenectomy?
Karen Wuertz, D.D.S. and Brooke Pettus, COMS are authors of the article published in Laser focus in DSP, fall 2018 wrote, “The removal of oral restrictions is necessary to attain optimal orofacial function and must be combined with regular pre- and post-frenectomy orofacial myofunctional therapy (OMT).” . . .read more.

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