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Your child’s health begins with proper feeding development and tooth alignment, which can be affected by a lip- or tongue-tie. Also called ankyloglossia, this condition occurs when one of the frenum is too short.

The frenulum can limit the motion of the tongue, preventing proper latching-on while breastfeeding. Ankyloglossia is not a serious medical problem, but can lead to a nutritional deficiency if not corrected.

At Anna Lee, DDS, we love to see infants and families and provide caring treatment to help them grow and thrive through optimal oral health. To find out more about infant frenectomies, tongue tie procedure, lingual frenectomy, and maxillary frenectomy, continue reading or call our office and schedule a consultation!


What Causes a Tongue-Tie?

There are two main frenula involving your lips and tongue. A lingual frenum connects the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth, hence the name tongue-tie. The maxillary frenum connects the upper lips to the gums, and a short maxillary frenum is more commonly called a lip-tie. Their function is to anchor the lips and tongue, but if they’re too short, movement is restricted.

What is a Frenectomy?

The procedure to correct lip or tongue tie is called a frenectomy, and it is quick, painless, and low risk. Dr. Anna Lee has extensive training and experience and uses a state-of-the-art laser for precision treatment. Although a frenectomy can be done with surgical scissors, there are advantages to using a laser instead.

Benefits of Frenectomies Done With Advanced Laser Treatment

  • No sedation required
  • Minimal bleeding
  • Faster healing
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Precise and complete frenum removal
  • Bactericidal properties reduce the risk of infection

After a comprehensive evaluation, we can perform a frenectomy right in our office, making it less traumatic, safe, and effective. Our warm and friendly team will answer all your questions and walk you through the aftercare information you need to know. We will demonstrate important exercises that need to be done to ensure the treatment is successful and schedule a follow-up appointment to confirm everything is going well.

Frenectomy Recovery Time

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Using the laser not only shortens the procedure but also speeds up healing time for your child. In most cases, your infant will be able to feed immediately after the surgery. The laser uses light energy and water to separate the tissue and stimulate bio-regeneration. This means there will be minimal bleeding, and you can be confident that your baby will experience little to no pain during and after the procedure.

A day or two after the procedure, you will notice the wound looks white or yellow. This is normal, and the tissue will return to normal color and appearance in about two weeks. If the procedure was done on the upper lip, there might be some slight puffiness, but that should diminish quickly. Feel free to call us If you have any post-procedure concerns you want to address before your follow-up appointment.

Why are Frenectomies Necessary?

Both maxillary and lingual ties can cause issues with breastfeeding. An inability to latch onto the breast is serious, as it can lead to unhealthy weight loss and colic. It can also make nursing more painful and lower a mother’s overall milk supply.

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Other signs of a possible tongue-tie can include:

  • Clicking or noisy sucking
  • Coughing or gagging while nursing
  • Noisy breathing or snoring
  • Maternal breast infections or pain

Tongue and lip-ties are usually diagnosed early and treated; however, there are cases in which the condition does not get identified until later. As a child grows, there may be problems that affect speech and eating habits. When they begin visiting the dentist, there can also be challenges with spaces between teeth, gum recession, or dental hygiene issues. In older children and adults, abnormal frenum attachment can lead to ADHD or sleep apnea.

Family Dentist Dr. Anna Lee Provides Frenectomy Services in Glendora, CA and Surrounding Areas

Infant and adult frenectomies are an important piece of our approach to whole dentistry. We want to make sure you and your family enjoy positive dental outcomes and optimal oral health for a lifetime. Call us today and schedule some time to bring your family to visit our family!



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