Lip and Tongue Tie Release


Frenectomy and Frenulectomy

For mothers who wish to breast feed their child, dealing with a lip and/or tongue tie can be the worst. Difficulty with latch, pain when breast feeding and a baby with gas or colic who won't stop screaming all create the ultimate challenge. The good news is that there is help. Tongue or lip tie generally occurs when tissue is attached creating restricted movement. This can be released simply by utilizing a laser to cut the tissue.

 Signs your infant may be tied include:

  • Difficulty latching on or staying at the breast
  • Chewing or gumming the nipple
  • Gas
  • Colic
  • Poor weight gain or failure to thrive
  • Baby is unable to drain breast
  • Baby gasping for air
  • Clicking noises while sucking

While a tongue or lip tie can impact breastfeeding there are also other reasons to consider having your child evaluated. A tongue or lip that is restricted can mean difficulties in removing food from the mouth resulting in children often being more prone to decay. When the tongue is unable to move unrestricted, it often rests on the floor of the mouth, this can result in developmental issues that may lead to orthodontic treatment. Children who are restricted many times snore, are tense in the shoulders and become adults who snore, have sleep apnea, are tense in the shoulders and neck, have migraines and anxiety.

Dr. Anna Lee and her team have extensive training and experience with frenectomies. A special laser is used to perform the quick and simple procedure in our office. Laser treatments are safer, more precise and lowers the risk of infection.

Some dental offices and medical facilities will simply clip the frenulum. While effective, this technique takes longer to heal and can be more traumatizing for the child. The laser is used to remove the frenulum tissue and then sutured. The laser procedure cuts down both the time needed for the actual procedure and the healing time for your child.



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