Patient Testimonials

Welcome to our Testimonial Section. Please enjoy some of Dr. Anna Lee's amazing testimonials from her patients. Dr. Anna Lee has been serving Foothill Families and Nearby Communities for 30 years. Call 626-335-5114 to schedule your next dental office visit.

Always friendly and processional.  Today was no different.  Their concern for their patients is wonderful.  Very caring.  Dr. Lee tries to accommodate my schedule.

Regina D. 

 Dr. Lee is very professional and takes the extra time to make sure your teeth and dental health is at its best.  I enjoy the extra care she always give to her patients.

Lois Q. 


                       Another Happy Patient!

 As always, Dr. Lee makes it a joy to "Go to the dentist".  I always enjoy my time here... Even when my reason for coming is not a pleasant one.

Joseph H.

 I enjoy Dr. Lee's care in treating my teeth and have found her to be the best caring dentist I have had over the years.  Thank you Dr. Lee.

Hector R

 Been coming here to this office forever.  Service has always been great.  Keep it up :)

Zachery W.


Steven G.

 I think Dr. Lee is great, and I really like the professionalism and service.  The staff is nice and friendly as well.

Anthony G.

 Dr. Lee and her staff have been very helpful to me in receiving dental treatment.  They make you feel comfortable and you feel that they are doing more than expected, and give quality dental care.  Very professional, friendly and easy with patients.  I would recommend them to anyone needing dental services.

Ana K.

 I was recommended by my son (as he is a patient of Dr. Lee's) four and a half years ago. I really look forward to coming here!!! I love Dr. Lee (her kindness) etc and I am soooo happy with the results of the work she has done!

Rose O.

 My visits have always been great! Everyone is very friendly and professional. My appointments are prompt and pain free! Dr. Lee really works with my schedule and is the best dentist I've ever had.

Renee B. 


 Staff is very helpful. Dr. Lee explains everything necessary to keep me informed as to the condition of my teeth and gums. She gives me all the information to help me make a decision on next steps in taking care of my teeth. She is also very gentle when she works on teeth. Always conscientious of me and my comfort.

Dianna M.

 Dr. and staff always cheerful and accommodating. Enjoy the atmosphere of the office!

Michael S.

 Recommend to everyone! Perfect combination of skill and encouragement!

Bob J.

 Doctor appears very concerned about the health of your teeth and very thorough. Always a pleasant experience.

Steven C.

 Thank you for taking such good care of my teeth and a pain free visit.

Lisa F.

 Great professional care. Love Dr. Lee. Staff is wonderful too.

Melanie A.

 I always leave Dr. Lees office 110% satisfied, both with the quality of work and overall attitude and professionalism of her and her staff.

Michael O.

 Intake staff is always friendly. As always I get seated in a  room very quickly. Dr. Lee is always personable, thorough and caring about me and my teeth!

Wendy W.

 Dr. Lee is very thorough and willing to explain everything she is doing and plans to do. Staff is very friendly.

Jodi W.

 Great service and wonderful people, appreciate all that you do for me.

Hector R.  

 Just wanted to say thank you for your perfection in putting my mouth back in order. You are very kind and your patients are lucky to have you!! Thanks again.

Anita C.

 Dr. Lee is a wonderful dentist, person and a good friend. I love her. She takes care of me and my family. We all love her.

Maria M.

 The staff are friendly and organized. I've been coming here for years and never had an issue. They give good advice on how to clean your teeth and prevent tartar build up. Thanks!

Byron M.

 Dr. Lee and Staff have always given excellent service to our family. They are especially good with children and you will be well taken care of.

Marilyn L. 

 Great service! Friendly. I trust completely Dr. Lee with my teeth. She is very knowledgeable.

Cynthia R.

 Good job! I love my new teeth and I like the way you go out of your way. I like the new look of the office. Don't change a thing.

Neal F.

 The staff is outstanding. They genuinely care about your truth and you as a person. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks so much!

Eric A.

 My cleaning today was very productive, easy and fun. Dr. Lee is nice and explained everything and every reason she does something. She is my dental hero!

Susan H.

 Excellent visit! No waiting. Pleasant reception and discussions. X-rays were simple and efficient. Clean and pleasant environment. Very satisfied.

Thomas V.

 Staff was very friendly. Made sure I was comfortable and the doctor would be in soon. I was seen at the time of my appointment and everything was explained.

Gayle S.

 Everything was fine! I love the headrest, blanket and music! Nice to get email reminder the day before the visit.

Livia S.

 The staff is kind and efficient. I feel Dr. Lee takes good care of my teeth and protects them. I appreciate her advice and knowledge.

Carol W.

 I am 94 and fortunate to have a friendly and skilled dentist who is highly experienced and caring to keep all my teeth healthy. Dr. Anna Lee and staff are great!

Larry C.

 This was the relaxing part of my day, between work and kids, going to the dentist is "me time" in my world. Thanks!

Richard D. 

 Today's visit was a routine cleaning. I was met with a welcome and quickly taken in to have my teeth checked. Dr. Lee was her sweet, pleasant self, inquiring about my family, and of course how my teeth were "feeling." Overall it was as great an experience as teeth cleaning can be.

Teresa M.

 Dr. Lee explains things to her anxious patients like me - she helps me want to take care of my teeth!

Debby P. 

 Thank you for the service and explanation of procedures that you perform. Always feels so good after the cleaning. Thanks for the education for my oral health.

Mary P. 

 Dr. Lee thank you for your very professional, kind and gentle care. I always feel safe and welcomed under your care. I genuinely feel I can trust you with my teeth and appreciate how thorough you are. Thank you for always taking the time to explain everything to me, so I understand what you are doing. The cheerful staff always makes me feel welcomed. You are the best dentist I have ever had.

Rachel L. 

 Had a smooth visit. Everything went well. Received excellent care as always. Look forward to a long lasting patient doctor relationship with Dr. Lee.

Dr. Teresa L. 

 Awesome. Thank you so much!

Craig L.

 Always a pleasure! Fit me in even thought I messed up. Really love coming here!

Connie S.

 Thank you very much for taking me in today. I enjoyed seeing you all and talking to you. You are all the best! Thanks!

Andy S. 

 Always very relaxed and I trust Dr. Lee at all times.

Julia R. 

 What a wonderful office! Always a big smile when greeted at the door. You ladies are great to me!

Robert H. 

 Top drawer. Couldn't be better!

Besse V.

 Wonderful staff. :)

Patt & John G.

 Everything was great as usual. Good quality professional work. Thank you!

Daniel M. 

 Always keeps me informed about what to watch out for.

Cassandra F.

 Friendly and reassuring service. Took time and patience with the children. My children feel very comfortable & almost excited at their dental visit! Thank you Dr. Lee and team.

Deep S.

 I can't say that I enjoy going to the dentist, but I do go religiously to see Dr. Anna Lee. This last visit was a teeth cleaning and periodic follow-up examination. My examination showed improvement as a result of the prior treatment. Dr. Lee is very caring dentist and i trust her with my teeth. She has been my dentist for over 20 years and over the years has installed crowns and teeth that had very large silver filling that were starting to lead or crack. I was a cavity magnet when I was growing up and my childhood dentist gave me a lot of silver fillings and so Dr. Lee has done a lot of crown work in my mouth and has done an excellent job. Aesthetically, my teeth look great and I can't feel the difference between the teeth that have crowns and the teeth that don't.

Jade W.

 Dr. Anna Lee is my cosmetic dentist. We love her. She is very personable, very friendly and very professional. She really discusses the different types of treatment plan with the patient. She makes sure you understand, and she asks you what your options are. She is really good.

Debbie M.

 Dear Anna,

This is just a little thank you for your kind and thorough help getting Nicholas and Joshua into good dental hands. She feels comfortable and confident with your recommendation and her parents feel greatly relieved.

With all best and appreciative wishes!

Marilyn and Jonathan 

Dear Dr. Lee,

I want to thank you for the exceptionally pleasant experience that I had concerning all my extensive dental work.

You are the most thorough, conscientious and customer service oriented dentist that I have ever been treated by. Also I cannot say enough good things regarding your wonderful staff.

Please feel free to call on me anytime for a well deserved honest recommendation. You are the best!

Fred F. 

Dear Dr. Lee and staff,

I don't know how to begin to Thank You for my wonderful new smile! Every time I see myself in the mirror, I still can't believe it's me. You have done an amazing job. What a great experience. You are all such kind and caring people. Never had I had such exceptional treatment. All the things you have done for me are too numerous to list....but here are just a few. Thank you for always working around my schedule, which includes coming in on your days off, just for me. Thank you for the many follow-up phone calls the day after my visit, just to check up on me. Thank you for being so kind and patient to my three Grandchildren when I had to bring them along to my appointments, as well.

And above all...thank you for making me feel comfortable about each step of your procedures. I never dreamed that after all these years of being embarrassed to smile...that I would be so proud of my smile. I have never been told "you have a great smile" - now I hear it all the time! I had heard so many nightmare stories from people who have dentures...well those people should have had you for a dentist. You have helped boost my self-esteem ten fold. My family is still in awe at how great I look. I was recently told I look twenty years younger! WOW! I never dreamed things would turn out so great for me. I would recommend YOU Dr. Lee to everyone. You should be very proud of your great staff as well.

Thanks again, for everything!
Nancy K.

Dear Dr. Lee,

Thank You! Thank You!
I am truly grateful for the excellent dental services that I received from you. From the moment we spoke I knew you were different than any of the previous dentists that I had tried. Honestly, I was truly a petrified big baby when it came to going to the dentist, until I found you. I honestly was shocked when you gave me your personal cell number and told me that I can call you any time. You are more than just a great dentist, but a very kind and caring person, who does great painless dental work. And as far as your staff, they are the greatest, very warm caring wonderful people.

Thank You,
Sharlene P.

Dear Dr. Lee,

I cannot think of words strong enough to express to you how grateful I am to you for giving me such a beautiful smile. Family and friends alike are amazed at how gorgeous and natural my teeth look. Although the process was lengthy, I felt comfortable and confident every step of the way. I cannot wait for my wedding day and you have given me more confidence to shine! Thanks again!


Katie C.

Dear Dr. Lee,

I want to thank you sincerely for everything you've done for me. Knowing you has made a big difference in the way I look now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful job you did to make my teeth healthy and to give me a natural look that my family, friends and audience appreciate, and I will always owe this to you.

Ricky B.

Dear Dr. Lee

I love my night guard. What a difference! It fits well. I am sleeping better and I have stopped biting the inside of my cheek. 

Anne P.

 Dear Dr. Lee,

Thank you for all the excellent work you do. Sometime ago this year you kindly gave me a recommended floss. It's great! Best wishes.

Anne and Larry 

 Dear Dr. Lee,

You are so appreciated!

Debbie G.

 Dear Dr. Lee,

You are amazing! We really appreciate you! 

Bill & Gloria

 Dear Dr. Lee,

Thank you for making Andor's first dental visit a good and positive experience!

Kelly A.

 Dr. Lee is always very thorough. My teeth feel great when I am done. Her staff is very helpful too.

Gail M.

 I have been very impressed with Dr. Lee's knowledge regarding my treatment. her staff is very friendly, warm as well. I am looking forward to a great long term relationship with her.

Myrna B.

 I always feel comfortable having my dental work done at Dr. Anna Lee's. She is very knowledgeable and cares for her patient's. The staff is very friendly and always takes care Of any concerns I have. People may be afraid of visiting the dentist, you don't have to be with Dr. Anna Lee and staff.

Pat R.

 Very kind and friendly staff. Love seeing you guys as much as I visit.

Kevin C.

 Always very friendly and professional. I like the after hours phone calls to see how I am doing after a procedure. I feel very comfortable with the work you have and will continue to do on my teeth. The partial that I have not only looks good, it feels good.

Jim L.

 Medication procedure was relatively painless and administered quickly so I have no problems at this point.

Dennis S.

 Nice lady, easy to talk to. Always look forward to getting my teeth clean with Dr. Anna Lee. The staff are great and fun to talk to.

David H.

 The experience of my visit, deep cleaning, was amazing, Dr. Lee was very considerate, caring and gentle. I would recommend her to anyone that has to have this done. Always asking if you are okay, making sure the procedure is as painless as possible. Which it was. Thank you.

Abel A.

 Dr. Anna Lee is the most caring dentist I have been to.

Raquel M.

 Dr. Lee and her staff are very professional and caring. They are obviously experts that truly want the best for their patients. That you for taking such good care of me, and tolerating my different social skills. Love and kisses, your second favorite patient (because there are 89 others tied for 1st).

Neal F.

 Anna is always sweet and it really shows that she cares about me. There is a lot more to say, but i can say that I'm going to keep coming here as long as I can.

David H.

 I really appreciate the time and care you show to me and Cindy. Thank you for being so patient with me to get through the procedures.

Hector R.

 Very caring/ attentive staff and dentist. Explained plan thoroughly. Almost painless procedures and showed concern for even the slightest discomfort. Have not been to the dentist in years and this experience has made me want to come back on a regular basis.

Michael C.

 Thank you so much for doing my second crown. All of the staff here are so supportive, caring and professional. Dr. Lee really knows her stuff and has incredibly high standards. She takes great pride in her work, and does not cut corners. So very thorough! Thank you to the entire team :)  Best wishes and god bless.

Mr. Shah

 Just a quick, thank you and wanting to let you and your staff know how well-cared and comfortable I feel coming to your office for dental care.

Heather G.

 Dr. Lee and staff were all extremely helpful and kind. The staff was very flexible in fitting me into the scheduled because my schedule isn't very flexible Dr. Lee is very informative, and she takes the time to explain everything thoroughly. Both Dr. Lee and staff have made these visits enjoyable. I would recommend this office to family and friends.

Michelle J.

 Very friendly staff which is accommodating. I'll be coming back.

Collin W.

 My experience has been wonderful! I can tell Dr. Lee truly cares for her patients. She is gentle and kind. I will definitely tell my friends about this office. Thank you!

Lindsey S.

 Dr. Lee and staff are very are very professional and really care about my dental health. I can count on thorough treatments every time I come in and I always get education from Dr. Lee. Olivia is also very thorough and communicates the insurance and payment part of the visit well. She also is great about reminding me of my appointments.

Wendy W.

 Good chair side manner.

Stan L.


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